About RSR

Since its launch in 2018, RSR has forged a niche with an intellectual approach to fashion design, exploring and cross-pollinating art with architecture, structure and organic forms, garnering numerous mentions for the label.

RSR aesthetic is grounded in exemplary patterns that revive garments with a subtle essence of art and curates each apparel with the finest threads. RSR by Riti Rahul Shah is a brand that has equipoise imbibed into its core. The highly skilled RSR team commemorates fashion that signifies the power of each individual. Curated with the finest thread, the RSR aesthetic is grounded in exemplary patterns and sculptural craftsmanship tailored by the highly proficient RSR team. RSR brings fashion that does more than expression, it emanates a voice for you.

We represent collections & garments that are inspired by the past & emphasize the human form. Tying the language historical art & sculptural craftsmanship with the vocabulary of the modern fashion.

RSR is here to introduce you to fashion that does more. More than design, goes further than trends, gives you a new expression & goes beyond expectation. Fashion that is eternal FOR YOU! We bring you fashion that celebrates the power in each individual. Structure and geometry form each garment expressing a modernity that finds its muse in art. Rediscover the essence of fashion where we play with the unique balance of geometry & structure that helps define you from the core. It's not about wearing your fashion, RSR is here to voice it. RSR garments have been donned and applauded by many in the Fashion industry, from runways to celebrities and bringing the coveted fashion industry closer to the young minds of the nation via talks & seminars, the brand has made its mark in the industry and is striving to achieve more everyday within India & globally

RSR gives you fashion that is unique for you, fashion that exceeds more than apparels, fashion that elaborates to a form of art, fashion that speaks your power, elegance & grandeur. Welcome to the new era of RSR!


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